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„Obchod s lidmi a vykořisťování jsou nepřípustné.“

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Cover Title Authors Rating Hits Status
cover Title: Children speak out: Trafficking Risk and Resilience in Southeast Europe: Bulgaria Report Authors: Slavyanka Ivanova, Diana Zheleva, Antoaneta Getova, Zosa De Sas Kropiwnicki (ed.) Rating: 0 Hits: 68 Status: Available
cover Title: Project Proposal: Training of psychosocial care for comercially sexually exploited children in Czech Republic Authors: La Strada Rating: 0 Hits: 69 Status: Available
cover Title: Child Trafficking in West Africa: Policy Responses Authors:
Rating: 0 Hits: 69 Status: Available
cover Title: Trafficking of children in Central and Eastern Europe and South Asia: Regional overview and country profiles Authors: Janina Arsenjeva Rating: 0 Hits: 72 Status: Available
cover Title: What the Professionals Know: The trafficking of children into, and through, the UK for sexual purposes Authors: Carron Somerset Rating: 0 Hits: 72 Status: Available
cover Title: Combating the Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes: A Training Guide Authors: Muireann O Briain, Anke van den Borne, Theo Noten Rating: 0 Hits: 93 Status: Available
cover Title: International action against child labour: Guide to monitoring and complaints procedures Authors: Pins Brown Rating: 0 Hits: 96 Status: Available
cover Title: Development of a child rights methodology to identify and support child victims of trafficking: Final Report Authors: Kolektiv autorů Rating: 0 Hits: 110 Status: Available
cover Title: Children in Bondage: Slaves of the Subcontinent Authors: Alan Whittaker Rating: 0 Hits: 114 Status: Available
cover Title: A Handbook on Advocacy: Child domestic workers: Finding a voice Authors: Maggie Black Rating: 0 Hits: 119 Status: Available
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