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Advocacy and Lobbying

Measures against trafficking in human beings often emphasise the prosecution of criminals and the protection against undesirable migration – to the detriment of the protection of the rights of the risk groups and trafficked persons. Violations of human rights are the cause, the result, as well as the characteristic trait of trafficking in human beings. Therefore, La Strada believes that the human rights approach is the right framework within which to address the trafficking problem in a comprehensive way.

La Strada carries out advocating and lobbying activities with a view to making our clients’ voices heard and to promoting their rights and interests. We strive for systematic measures aimed at the elimination of the factors increasing the vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking in human beings. Moreover, La Strada endeavours to extend the knowledge on trafficking and exploitation, through research and monitoring activities and contribution to professional discourse in the field.

Our lobby

Trafficked persons’ rights to financial compensation

An important right of a trafficked person is the right to financial compensation for work which has been the source of profit to others, and for damages caused by trafficking to the trafficked person’s psychological and physical health. This right can help redeem the damages incurred by the trafficked person and facilitate a return to normality. Thus far, in practice, this right has been more theoretical than real.

La Strada ČR is a member of COMP-ACT EUROPE (European Action Pact for Compensation for Trafficked Persons), which aims to promote the rights of trafficked persons for compensation.

The duty to report under the new Czech Criminal Code

As of 1 January, a new Criminal Code became effective in the Czech Republic, laying down the duty to report, or, as the case may be, prevent forthwith, the crimes of trafficking in human beings and the deprivation of personal liberty. La Strada regards the duty to report as having several negative consequences (such as making the problem more latent, causing a decrease in the number of identified trafficked persons and making the social services targeted at the exposed group less freely available). We see the removal of the duty to report as a crucial prerequisite for the provision of effective services to our target group.

The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, MI’s Security Policy Department and the Bliss without risk have all issued opinions endorsing our proposal to amend the provisions of the Criminal Code laying down the duty to report.

Negative Impacts of the “Duty to Inform”